Ensuring Olympic Integrity: Belarusian Athletes Under Scrutiny for Neutrality Compliance


A rigorous verification process has been initiated to assess the compliance of Belarusian athletes, who have received licenses for the 2024 Olympics, with the established criteria of neutrality.

This comprehensive verification procedure, scheduled to take place from June 4 to August 15, encompasses a thorough examination of the athletes’ affiliations with security forces. Additionally, it involves an extensive analysis of their social media activity and digital footprints to identify any statements or actions in support of military operations in Ukraine and other armed conflicts.

This critical project is being executed in collaboration with The Belarusian Sport Solidarity Foundation (Estonia), Global Athletes (Canada), Athletes for Ukraine (Ukraine), and the Open Society Foundation (USA). The coordinated efforts of these organizations underscore the importance of maintaining the integrity and ethical standards of the Olympic Games by ensuring that all participating athletes adhere to principles of neutrality and non-partisanship.

The Belarusian Sports Solidarity Fund, in partnership with these esteemed international bodies, aims to uphold the values of fairness and impartiality in sports, reflecting a commitment to the broader goals of peace and global solidarity.