Integration sports camp for displaced and war-affected children in Ukraine

40 days left

The project aims to integrate and socialize internally displaced persons (IDPs) and children affected by war through sports and educational programs at the Olympic Village camp, located 20 minutes from Kyiv. The camp offers a comprehensive program that includes sports activities, educational programs, psychological support, and medical rehabilitation.

Project Goal

The project’s main goal is to create a safe and supportive environment for children where they can recover, integrate, and develop through sports and educational activities.


Olympic Village is a sports base located 20 minutes from Kyiv. The base has a hotel, accommodation houses, sports grounds, sections (tennis, football, wrestling, swimming, dancing), a lake, its own farm and meat and milk production, and restaurants. There is also a certified rehabilitation center that provides powerful medical support, particularly for the recovery of children.

Activity program

  • Sports activities: tennis, football, wrestling, swimming, dancing.
  • Educational programs: lectures, seminars, workshops.
  • Psychological support: individual and group counseling.
  • Social activities: integration of games, and cultural events.
  • Medical rehabilitation: services of a certified rehabilitation center.


  • Accommodation: hotel and houses.
  • Food: restaurants with their own dairy and meat products.
  • Medical support: access to medical services and a recovery center.
  • Nature: lake, farm, green area.

Project Impact

The project will facilitate the integration of IDPs and children into society, help them develop social skills, and physical fitness, and receive psychological support. Given the demographic situation in Ukraine and the psychological state of the population, this project is extremely important for strengthening the younger generation and the future of the country.

Financial Needs

  • Costs of organizing the camp.
  • Salaries of coaches, psychologists, and teachers.
  • Accommodation and meals for participants.
  • Purchase of sports and training equipment.

Expected Results

Integration of 200 children during 4 shifts in two months of summer (July-August).

Increasing the level of physical fitness of participants.

Improving the psycho-emotional state of children.

Specific details about the camp

Number of children in one shift: 40 children.

Number of shifts during the summer: 4 shifts.

The total number of children who will attend the camp is 200.

Duration of one shift: 2 weeks.

Why is this project needed?

Today, most children in Ukraine have suffered psychological trauma due to the war. Many have left their homes or moved abroad. The demographic situation in Ukraine is deteriorating, as many men and women have gone to the frontline and many others have left. A psychologically unstable population needs long-term support to overcome their state of anxiety. Integrating children into new places will help them feel safe, and develop and rebuild Ukraine in the future. Sport is the best tool for improving the psycho-emotional state of children, and the Olympic Village has all the necessary conditions for this.

This project is a major social initiative that will help strengthen Ukraine and its younger generation by integrating children affected by war through sport.

Detailed finances

Accommodation and meals (per shift)

  • Accommodation: $15 per child per day
  • Meals: $15 per child per day

Total for 2 weeks: $30 * 14 days * 40 children =  $16,800

Staff salaries (per shift)

  • Coaches (4 coaches): $500 per shift for each coach
  • Psychologists (2 psychologists):  $600 per shift to each psychologist
  • 2 educational workers:  $400 per shift for each

Total: (4 *  $500) + (2 *  $600) + (2 *  $400) =  $4,000

Sports and training equipment (per shift)

  • Sports equipment and rental  $1,500
  • Educational materials: $500

Total:  $2,000

Medical support and recovery (per shift)

  • Medical care:  $1,000
  • Consumables for recovery:  $500

Logistics and administrative costs (per shift)

  • Transport costs:  $800
  • Administrative expenses:  $900

Total:  $1,700

Per shift

  • Accommodation and meals:  $16,800
  • Staff salaries:  $4,000
  • Sports and training equipment:  $2,000
  • Medical support and rehabilitation:  $1,500
  • Logistics and administrative expenses:  $1,700

Total for one shift:  $26,000

Total budget for 4 shifts

Total cost of 4 shifts:  $26,000 * 4 =  $104,000