Stipends Young Ukrainian Athletes: Donate Now!

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The war in Ukraine has brought immense destruction, displacement, and loss of life. Among the countless victims are over 300 Ukrainian athletes who have lost their lives. Despite these challenges, young Ukrainian athletes continue to represent their country on the international stage, providing inspiration and hope to their fellow citizens.

The Challenge

The ongoing conflict has put immense financial strain on these athletes and their families. Many young talents find themselves in dire financial situations, unable to afford the necessary resources to continue their training and compete at the highest level. Without support, these promising athletes may have to abandon their dreams, resulting in a significant loss for them and their country.

Our Solution

We aim to provide monthly support to 32 young Ukrainian athletes, ensuring they have the resources needed to train and compete. Financial assistance will cover training equipment, travel expenses, coaching, and other essential needs. This support is vital for their careers and morale, allowing them to pursue their dreams despite the ongoing conflict.

Long-Term Impact

By supporting these athletes, we promote anti-war values and encourage international sports organizations to stand against violent regimes. This project will not only help these athletes continue their careers but also inspire the Ukrainian people in their struggle for peace. It will contribute to the global anti-war movement and uphold human rights and democratic principles.
Join us in making a difference. Your donation will help these young athletes pursue their dreams and continue to inspire a nation in turmoil.