US Sports Scholarships for Ukrainian Athletes

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The «US Sports Scholarships» project empowers Ukrainian athletes affected by the war by offering scholarships at US universities. This crucial support helps 10 young Ukrainian athletes continue their training and education in the United States, fostering their growth and resilience. Your contribution shapes future leaders in Ukraine’s sports and supports significantly to Ukraine’s post-war recovery and the development of its sports sector.

Project Objective

The primary objective of this project is to provide Ukrainian athletes with the opportunity to continue their sports careers and education in the United States during the war, thereby ensuring their personal and professional development.

Program Activities

The project leverages the US collegiate sports system, which offers scholarships covering tuition, training, accommodation, meals, insurance, and other necessities. We assist athletes in preparing profiles, obtaining university offers, and handling all documentation, including visas, tests, and registrations.

Scholarships: full coverage of tuition, training, accommodation, meals, sports nutrition, insurance, and equipment.
Documentation support: assistance with visa applications, test registrations (STA, TOEFL, Duolingo), and NCAA platform registration.

Travel costs: funding the first flight to the US.

Ongoing support: continuous guidance and support throughout the athletes’ university careers.

Project Impact

This program enables Ukrainian athletes to pursue sports careers in safe conditions, including competing internationally under Ukrainian representation. Graduates from US universities will return with enhanced English proficiency, quality education, and global exposure. They will be pivotal in rebuilding Ukraine post-war, contributing to the sports sector, and initiating new projects.

  • Athletes can maintain their training regimes in a safe environment despite the ongoing war in Ukraine. This ensures they remain competitive and ready to represent Ukraine internationally.
  • The funding for training and education is provided by US universities, significantly reducing the financial burden on Ukraine’s sports budget, which is currently strained due to the war.
  • Athletes gain access to state-of-the-art training facilities, advanced sports equipment, professional coaching, and comprehensive rehabilitation services, enhancing their overall performance and health.
  • Athletes receive high-quality education in their chosen fields, improving their knowledge, skills, and future career prospects. The exposure to a different educational system fosters critical thinking and innovative ideas.
  • The athletes build valuable international connections and networks that can be leveraged for future opportunities and collaborations.
    Each athlete becomes a powerful ambassador for Ukraine, showcasing the nation’s resilience and talent in the international arena. Their presence in the US fosters cultural exchange and mutual understanding.
  • Upon returning to Ukraine, these athletes will bring back not only advanced knowledge and skills but also a new vision and understanding of global best practices. They will play a crucial role in rebuilding and modernizing Ukraine’s sports sector and other areas.

Long-Term Vision: this initiative helps in cultivating future leaders who are well-equipped to contribute to Ukraine’s development. Their experiences and learnings will inspire and guide the next generation of athletes and professionals.

Financial Needs

To successfully implement this project, we need to cover:

  • Documentation costs: $2,000 per athlete
  • First flight costs: $1,500 per athlete
  • Total cost per athlete: $3,500
  • Total funding required for 10 athletes: $35,000

Expected Results

We plan to support 10 athletes each semester.

Athletes gain high-level training, education, and international exposure.

Graduates will bring back valuable skills and experience to aid in Ukraine’s recovery and development.