Newsom Vows to Veto California Youth Tackle Football Ban


Governor Gavin Newsom has pledged to veto a proposed bill to ban youth tackle football in California, citing concerns about head injuries but emphasizing that an outright ban is not the solution, as reported by Politico. He intends to work with legislators, health experts, coaches, parents, and community members to enhance safety standards while preserving parents’ rights to choose appropriate sports for their children.

«I am deeply concerned about the health and safety of our young athletes,» Newsom stated, «but an outright ban is not the answer.» He highlighted the importance of maintaining the highest standards for youth football safety through comprehensive measures rather than banning the sport entirely.

The proposed legislation, introduced by Assemblymember Kevin McCarty, aimed to protect children under 12 from potential long-term brain injuries, such as CTE. However, Newsom pointed to the existing California Youth Football Act, which already provides a robust safety framework, including equipment standards and limits on full-contact tackles.

Newsom’s commitment to youth athletes’ health and safety reflects his approach to balancing protective measures with parental choice, while also addressing broader cultural concerns about government overreach.